Andrew Lane is a marketing strategist and meeting facilitator who specializes in helping managers, executives and boards as they define their future market activity. He works with clients to understand the potential and barriers in markets, analyzing the long term returns and risk of alternative strategies. Andrew’s extensive background assessing data and organizational resources combined with his current perspectives on marketing trends ensures valuable insights that translate into efficient resource deployment and sales growth.

Prior to founding his own business, Andrew worked with Canadian National Railways for eight years. In a series of middle and senior marketing management roles, Andrew sourced and analyzed data related to continental and global markets, identifying evolving marketing trends, competitive advantage and winning positioning strategies. He also created processes to collect, manage and leverage market intelligence, including assessing where profits accrue in the value chain and how to leverage competitive advantage through marketing mix tactics. Andrew negotiated directly with buyers and suppliers in addition to guiding several key business development projects.

Lane holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Manitoba specializing in Marketing and Organizational Strategy as well as an undergraduate honours degree from Brandon University.



Andrew Lane is a trained facilitator and applies his knowledge of group dynamics and facilitation processes in a range of consulting engagements to assist group decision making. More than a simple vote, this requires management of personalities, resolution of conflict, and identification of the key issues underlying our decisions. With his experience as an analyst and strategist, Andrew brings perspective to discussions without the strong opinions of an internal stakeholder. This allows issues that need to be discussed, to be discussed and addressed in a constructive manner.

Lane uses proven and relevant facilitation processes that generate your best ideas, empowering your group to make quality decisions. Process outcomes include people having been heard, conflict resolved, clear decisions with action plans to move forward.


Strategy is more than inserting facts in a template and working through a process that looks at the key factors. Good strategy reflects perspective. Finding relevant information and leveraging this into knowledge. Finding the best position for your products and organization to win. Drawing on experience and perspective, Andrew works with your team to create a living strategy – one that evolves with you and your world. Sometimes knowing what question to ask is more important than having the answer.


Experienced in adult learning and university level training, Andrew Lane applies a range of learning models to engage participants and create a valuable learning experience. One size does not fit all! Course materials are designed to reflect and capture individual learning experiences, providing a key resource for future use.


Before every meeting Andrew Lane prepares by learning about the people, organization and key issues relevant to the group. This approach allows productive, focused meetings. Andrew will also provide materials in advance of sessions to allow participants to be similarly prepared and to ensure the greatest possible value from the meetings or session.


Andrew Lane is an experienced marketing strategist focused on industrial, manufacturing and institutional markets, that is B2B and B2I. Using strong analytical, facilitation, and communication skills, Lane is able to introduce new ideas, achieve fresh perspective and reach agreement on strategy and plans.

Business & Location

A. C. Lane Consulting Inc., a.k.a. Lane Consulting, was founded in 1998. Federally incorporated in Canada, we are based in Canada and work internationally.