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"The impact of branding has eclipsed the Marketing function. The development of a brand impacts perceptions not just of buyers and consumers but of all stakeholders. The opportunity for HR is to apply Branding to differentiate the employer among potential employees." - Andrew Lane

In a one day session, Andrew Lane introduces Branding to your HR professionals, working with them to create a 'work experience' Brand that is synergistic with existing corporate branding. Consistent branding across functions is positive for the organization and can serve to differentiate a company in the eyes of recruits.

Outcomes include:
  • A clear model for application of Branding in the HR context;
  • Development of a unique set of Brand attributes applicable to the work experience being promoted;
  • Tools for using research to refine prospect and employee views of the Brand; and
  • Strategies for coordinating the HR Branding with corporate initiatives and ensuring consistency of application.

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