Andrew Lane is a marketing strategist and planner. With over 15 years in the B2B field (industrial & manufacturing), Lane’s experience includes markets for transportation, mining, steel, agriculture, fertilizer, energy, engineering services, business technology and equipment manufacturing. Andrew is an experienced hand in B2B strategy as well as market planning in general.

Lane’s approach assumes that strategy is based on unique situations; that understanding the factors influencing your situation and available resources is key to creating good strategy. Lane’s strength is combining proven processes and an intimate knowledge of marketing trends with innovative thinking.

Marketing Strategy Packages

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  • 360-degree Environmental Scan
  • It's 9 AM, do you know where your competition is?
  • Leveraging your Distribution Channels
  • Shifting Gears - New Marketing Strategies
  • Launching New Products
  • B2B Brand Evaluation
  • Branding and Human Resources
  • Value Chain Development
  • New Ventures: Can you do it; perhaps, but should you?
  • Balancing the Market Mix
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Other Consulting Solutions

    Whether your company needs an audit of your marketing activities, a business plan, research, tactical branding or pricing advice, facilitation of a meeting or just fresh perspective, Andrew Lane is an excellent choice. Combining his experience with current knowledge of marketing trends, Lane is your marketing and planning resource.

    Andrew collaborates with your board and managers to establish a shared understanding of your organization, relevant business drivers, your brand and your products. Andrew’s focus is always on a concrete outcome detailing where you go from here.

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