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Marketing Strategy Packages
360-degree Environmental Scan
It's 9 AM, do you know where your competition is?
Shifting Gears - New Marketing Strategies
Launching New Products
B2B Brand Evaluation
Branding and Human Resources
Leveraging your Distribution Channels
Value Chain Development
New Ventures: Can you do it; perhaps, but should you?
Balancing the Market Mix
Meeting Facilitation
Shifting Gears - New Marketing Strategies

"Fresh eyes. A fresh view of existing markets, customers and products is fundamental to energize product lines and profits. Not change for the sake of change rather change, where it makes sense, to reach the next level." - Andrew Lane

Opportunities are available to every business. Seeing the alternatives that will overcome obstacles and capture opportunities is a challenge when day to day 'activity' has captured your managers. Andrew Lane guides your team as they identify and then evaluate alternatives to meet your challenges and capture opportunities. Elements in this package include:
  • Review of business environment and internal capacities;
  • Clarify operating and marketing goals;
  • Agree on measures of success;
  • Fresh look at issues to identify a range of alternative strategies; and
  • Balanced analysis of the alternatives, including fit with other activities.

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