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New Ventures: Can you do it; perhaps, but should you?

"Like new product failures, organizations waste incredibly valuable resources each year pursuing new ventures that don't fit with their strategy or that can’t fly on their own. Assessing projects prior to committing significant resources is fundamental to good management." - Andrew Lane

Whether the 'hot' new business or an obvious fit with your current operations, new ventures draw significant resources from your organization; not just cash but people. Feasibility analysis serves to evaluate the real cost of a new venture before committing significant resources. Andrew Lane provides process, research and analytical support, as well as an external perspective to your analysis. Lane seeks the pitfalls that will have to be overcome to put the right product in the user's hands as well as potential synergies to improve the economics.

The approach includes:
  • Integration of all aspects of project feasibility
  • Detailed evaluation of marketing strategy and processes including fit with existing business
  • Issue identification with GO – ASSESS – NO GO recommendation

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